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Oral and corporal expression

We organize storytelling for kids, teenagers and adults. Tales come from different cultures around the world, especially Africa and South America. Among our projects, we can find:

We also offer workshops and classes on the development of experiences that allow a fluent oral and corporal expression and the interpersonal communication. Those workshops are addressed to children, teenagers and adults; its goal is to experience all the creative and communicative possibilities in body and speech. We insist on the collective and cooperative approach to promote peaceful coexistence.

We take care of workshops, care training and development of the body through different corporal techniques, like yoga, tai-chi, Feldenkrais. Among those activities::

– Oral storytelling expression (Workshop)
– Oral, corporal and writing expression (Workshop).
– On the origin of beings and things (Workshop).
– Introduction to the art of storytelling (Workshop).
– Workshop on Iyengar Yoga.